We know that caring for an ailing loved one or senior citzen at home is very challenging. This often requires varied medical equipment and medical furniture such as non invasive ventilators, beds, wheelchairs etc. Rent4health offers the most affordable rental and purchase solutions for Pune residents.

We are a social venture organization and have been working in Pune for the last 5 years. We now service >10000 patients every year. We have over the years increased type of devices that we are providing to patients. We now offer non invasive ventilators, BiPAPs, CPAPs and affordable Oxygen Concentrators on sale/rent. We have since the very start offered beds, air mattresses, wheelchairs etc.

Rent4Health has partnered with many prominent medical companies such as Nidek, Philips, Karma to support various patient needs.

Unlike other ‘traders’, we approach this as a medical service and work to reduce instance of cross infection in patients through sanitization of rented equipment.

Further, we have a developed an in-house IT system to better service the patients where all inventory management, contract renewals and end reminders, etc are tracked and informed by SMS.

As a service oriented company, we are committed to serving our patients better and soon going to launch new products and services.