• commode chair

    800 /month
    Item Name:- Karma Commode Wheel Chair Rainbow 7. In the Box:- Commode Wheel Chair. Device characteristic Frame style:- Foldable. Material:-Chromed. Backrest:-High. Backrest Adjustable:- Yes. Armrest:- Fixed. Footrest:- Fixed. Dimension Out to out width in open position:- 26" (inches) Seat width:- 17" (inches) Stool bucket:- Round Rear wheel:- 24" (inches) Solid wheel Front wheel:- 8" PVC [...]
  • Karma Fighter C Mag Wheelchair

    500 /month
    Item Name:- Fighter C Mag Wheelchair In the Box:- Wheelchair Device Characteristic Frame style:- Foldable Frame material:- M.S Armrest:- Fixed Footrest:- Retractable Dimension Out to out width in open position:- 26'' (inches) Seat width:- 18" (inches) Total width:- 9" (inches) Rear wheel:- 24" (inches) Front wheel:- 8" (inches) Seat to floor height:- 19" (inches) Seat [...]
  • Karma Fighter C Spoke Wheelchair

    500 /month
    Item Name:- Karma Fighter C Wheelchair. In the Box:- Wheelchair. Device Characteristic Armrest:- Fixed. Footrest:- Retractable. Dimension Width:- 25'' (inches) F/R wheels:- 8”/24” (inches) Seat width:- 18'' (inches) Seat length:- 16'' (inches) Wheelchair width:- 25'' (inches) Wheelchair minimum width:- 11'' (inches) Wheelchair length:- 41'' (inches) Seat height from ground:- 18'' (inches) Back height:- 16'' (inches) [...]
  • Karma Recliner Commode Wheel Chair Rainbow 8

    800 /month
    Item Name: Karma Recliner Commode Wheel Chair Rainbow 8 In the Box: Commode Wheel Chair Out to out width in open position 26″ (inches) Seat width 7″ (inches) Stool bucket Round Rear wheel 24″ Solid wheel Front wheel 8″ PVC caster Seat to floor height 19″ (inches) Seat depth 16″ (inches) Back height 18″ (inches) [...]
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