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Oxygen Cylinder With Fitting 1500 Litre(Empty)

Oxygen Cylinder With Fitting 1500 Litre(Empty)

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  • Item Name:- Oxygen Cylinder With Fitting 1320 Litre.
  • In the Box
    • Oxygen Cylinder,Oxygen Adjustment Valve with Rotameter and Humidifier bottle.
  • Instruction
    • If used continuously at 2 litres /min, this cylinder will last for Minimum 6 hours.
  • Dimension
    • Cylinder capacity:- 1320 litre.
    • Humidifier bottle Capacity:- 250 ml.
    • Length:- 13 cm.
    • Breadth:- 13 cm.
    • Height:- 94 cm.
    • Weight:- Around 15 to 17 kg.
  • Device Characteristic
    • Specially designed metal knob.
    • Poly carbonate bottle.
    • The quter tube protects the graduation on the inner tube from getting obliterated.
    • Specially made spindle for fine adjustment.
    • The product has artistic outlook.
    • Adjustable reductor.
  • This is useful for patients requiring continuous intake of oxygen such as those with COPD, ILD and/or those requiring support in end of life conditions/events.
  • At 2 lit/per min, it lasts for up to 10/12 hours after which it requires to be refilled. This is to be used under guidance of a consulting physician only. This can give a maximum of ___ liters per minute.
  • It is provided with required valve fittings, flow meter, humidifier bottle and spanner and stand with casters.
  • It does not require any power to use so is ideal for situations as a back up where power supply is likely to be interrupted.
  • Please note this product is not a life saving device but only an assisting device and is ideal for home use as it requires less space for storage and is very simple to use.
  • Pure oxygen is flammable hence please keep away from fire sources like heaters, electrical sparks etc. Do not smoke anywhere close to the cylinder.
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