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Karma Walker WK 50

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  • Item Name:- Karma Walker WK 50.
  • In the Box:- Walker.
  • Dimension
    • Has 8 height adjustable sections and comes in various colors.
    • Height- Length:- 79-85 cm.
  • Device Characteristic
    • Material:- Aluminium.
    • Colour:- Silver, Bronze.
    • Foldable:- Yes.
  • Aluminum reciprocal folding walker with pivots which move from side-to-side in a reciprocating motion with minimal lift off the floor surface to easily move forward or backward.
  • Changeable from Reciprocal to Fixed Walker or vice versa with ease.
  • Height adjustable with large base to meet patients’ needs while providing wide range of stable gravity positioning.
  • Often used for those that have suffered from a stroke, post lower limb surgery, cerebral palsy, a lower limb fracture or any peripheral nerve disorder or frail elders.
  • Patient needs to have good balance and be strong enough to pick up and place the walker.
  • Walker helps control speed if someone has a tendency to pick up speed and/or if a person has a tendency to fall forwards.
  • Please speak with your occupational or physical therapist on the correct use of the walker.
  • Warranty:- Manufacturer’s Warranty.
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