Elbow crutches: These are the most common type of crutch and may be single or double adjustable. Both floor-to-handgrip height and the distance between the cuff and the handgrip are adjustable on double adjustable elbow crutches. Single adjustable elbow crutches allow floor to handgrip height adjustment only. Standard and anatomically moulded handgrips are available.

Elbow crutches are available with two styles of cuff: open or closed. An open cuff is semi-circular in shape. It provides a support to brace the forearm against in the step-through phase of walking. A closed cuff is a incomplete ring which prevents the forearm slipping forwards out of place and holds the crutch on the arm if, for example, you need to take your hand off the crutch to open a door.

Axilla crutches: These have a single or double shaft; the height and the distance between the handgrip and the axilla pad are adjustable. If you are using axilla crutches do not lean on the underarm pad as this may interrupt the blood flow and put pressure on important nerves that run through the armpit. The handgrips should be positioned so that the elbows are slightly flexed. Keep a two finger distance between the underarm pad and the axilla