Bed Sores are localized areas of tissue necrosis that tend to occur when soft tissue is compressed between a bony prominence and an external surface for a prolonged period. These lesions are also called Decubitus Ulcers and Pressure Sores.

Treating bedsores is challenging. Open wounds are slow to heal, and because skin and other tissues have already been damaged or destroyed, healing is never perfect. This can be further complicated by the general health condition of the patient. Healing is delayed especially if patients have diabetes

To treat a bed sore, several aspects need to be addressed: Pressure Reduction; Pressure Relief; Incontinence Care; Nutrition management; Skin Management and Moisturizing Skin, Positioning and Wound Care so it is never just a air mattress, whether a bubble type or rod type or a water mattress that will prevent a bed sore. It will definitely not cure a bed sore if it has already developed!