Walking equipment is usually advised for one of the two reasons:

  1. As part of a rehabilitation programme whenever the user is recovering from an injury/operation. The users’ expectation from a rehabilitation program is to gradually progress towards independent unassisted walking and conduct of activities of daily living. Often, the progression may commence with one kind of walking aid to give the user confidence, build strength followed by use of another kind. For example, an accident victim might use the wheelchair before s/he starts using crutches/walking stick before becoming completely independent. If you are currently recovering, do take advise of your health care advisor before changing the walking aid
  2. Sometime, the user has a permanent difficulty with walking and complete recovery is not possible or user may have an illness or disability that permanently affects legs or balance or coordination. In these situations, mobility equipment may be required for long-term use, and to ensure that the appropriate device is selected, your lifestyle and

home environment should be reviewed