You could do so and a Back Rest is clearly a cheaper option. However, the patient will still need to be lifted by the caregiver and for heavy patients; more than one person could be required. With a fowler bed, the elder can be easily propped up or move the patient while cleaning. Further, there will be no side rails and a patient could still fall sideways as the Back Rests are not very wide. In case, the patient has been advised a supplementary pressure relieving air mattress of any type, the two together may not fit very well on regular beds.

Further, the point on the patient’s back at which the Back Rest props up the patient is much higher than the point at which the back is raised on a fowler bed. The Back Rest supports and raises part of the back unlike the fowler bed, which raises and supports the entire back. Comfort of the patient could therefore be less while using a Back Rest. We suggest the use of a Back Rest only for somewhat dependent and oriented patients.